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Summarizing the last days of our journey, Five Blocks North Bed and Breakfast, Southern Ontario, Walmart Parking Lots

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Hello y'all! We have been back home for about 2 weeks now. We've had lots of things to keep us busy. We are now through Canadian Thanksgiving and can turn our attention to wrapping this year's travels up.

Here is the map of our 2019 trip:

We left Leamington and Point Pelee on the morning of September 26. Our destination for the day was Port Dover, where we had been invited to stay with an old work mate of Jenny's, Bryn Barnes and her spousal unit, Mike Myers. Together, they operate a bed and breakfast called Five Blocks North, which, as the name suggest is 5 blocks away from the marvelous centre of Port Dover. Their property is an 1832 structure that used to serve as a store in downtown Port Dover and was towed to its present location in 1921.

The building and grounds have been extensively renovated and the place is magnificent. For Jenny and I, this will represent two of 7 nights on this journey when we have not slept in the close confines of the TaJ-ma-Haul. To say we had a great time would be an understatement. Bryn and Mike are excellent hosts and we enjoyed ourselves immensely.


Here is a link to its website:


On September 29 we headed for Eastern Ontario and Sandbanks Provincial Park, near Picton. We had been there on a previous trip and thought it would be a good spot for a two night stay. It was, except the weather turned cold and wet and dampened our enthusiasm for staying on the road much longer. We had planned on spending two nights in Riviere-du-Loop, Quebec before finishing our trip home through New Brunswick. However, the weather forecast for that area called for frost, cold and rain, we decided to do the long journey home in three steps.


So, we drove 830 kilometers on the 29th, overnighted at the Walmart Parking Lot in Riviere-du-Loop and headed on at first light, with another stop at the Walmart in Moncton, New Brunswick, a further 650 kilometers down the road towards home. We finished the trip home on October 2, arriving back in Millville around noon. In all, we did 1,900 kilometers over three days.

Walmart parking lots are an excellent stopping point when you want to make some time on the road. Most Walmarts allow overnighting by RV's on their property. Quite often we will use these when we want to make a re-positioning on our trip. Both Walmart nights were uneventful and very quiet, once the stores closed at 10:00pm.

It took us two days to empty TaJ and Sully of all their 'stuff' and get it put away in various places around the house. We have a lot of pre-winter maintenance to get to before we wrap TaJ in her winter tarp. We have a long list of improvements we want to get priced before we close her down for the winter and we may need to take her into Jerry's RV in New Minas to get pricing done.

We will invest in a new axle with a much higher weight rating, even if this means having to replace the wheels and tires. We want to add solar panels to the roof to increase our ability to boon dock the trailer (i.e. camp without services). There are some repairs that need to be done and we have to reseal the seams of our fiberglass trailer body.

All of this leads to our plans for the future. In 2020 we hope to spend 6 weeks on Newfoundland, perhaps in the spring during iceberg season. Later in 2020 we hope to meet up with our travel buddies from Texas, George and Karmen Reid to spend 4-5 weeks in Eastern Quebec and perhaps as far north as Labrador. Daughter Danielle and grandkids will be coming for a visit and we will do some time on Prince Edward Island with them.

In 2021 we hope to spend 4 months in the prairies, both US and Canadian, leaving here mid May, returning mid September.

As you can see we have lots to do in the future. At this point, Sully, our 2016 Honda Pilot, has 110,000 kilometers(66,000 miles) on the dial, in less than 3 years. We estimate we have towed the TaJ-ma-Haul, our 2017 R-pod 179 Trailer, for more than 55,000 kilometers (33,000 miles) in less than 3 years as well. Our time on the road has been well spent so far, and we intend to continue. When we bought this rig, our plan was to spend 5 years, with as much time on the road as we could muster.

At this point, we have slept in the TaJ for more than 400 nights. At the end of our 5 year plan we should reach right about 730 nights, or two full years in our trailer.

Now for some stats on this year's trip:

We left home May 8, returned to Millville on October 2, for a total of 149 days. We traveled 23,710 kilometers(14,226 miles) in total.

We towed the Taj-ma-Haul for 16,410 kilometers(9.900 miles) The rest of the mileage was local touring at our destinations.

We used 3,892 liters of gasoline(1,025 US gallons) at an average cost of $1.265 per liter ($4.81 Canadian per gallon, or $3.60 US)

Including all the towing, we averaged 13.5 miles per gallon.

The entire trip took place in Canada, except for very short ventures into the United States at Hyder, Alaska.

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To say I am envious of your amazing journey would be an understatement! I have so enjoyed reading your blog all summer long. I too have an RPod and hope to be able to spend more time on the road one day. As my traveling partner is still working, our journeys are much constrained by vacation time...maybe one day :)

Thank you so much for allowing us to travel this amazing country vicariously through your blog. I look forward to your next entries.

Take care and travel safe.

by Susie

Thanks Susie. It has been good to have you aboard! There will be a new blog for 2020, so keep your eyes open.

by Rooseboom-Scott

You guys rock!!! What a trip!
Ours was much shorter this year (6 weeks throughout Colorado & Utah) as we had projects to attend to at home. Sounds like you still have quite the plans ahead of you.
And a quick note about you upgrading the axle...highly recommend it! Bob upgraded ours to a Dexter 5000 lb axle and 15 inch tires....we gained 2-3 inches in height. It held up very well during our 8000 mile journey out west this past summer.
Stay warm this winter!
Dianne & Bob

by Dianne Daub

Thanks Dianne & Bob. We expect we will do a similar thing with our axle in the spring before our next adventure. Perhaps we will meet up with you guys in 2021 when we do a US trip!

by Rooseboom-Scott

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